Self Publishing Formula Interviews Elicia Hyder

Last week I drove down to St. Pete to shake the hand of Mark Dawson and tell him THANK YOU for helping change my life (and my family’s lives). I shared a bit about my story and how I sort of belly-flopped into this whole self-publishing thing, and they asked me to hang around to be interviewed for the Self Publishing Formula Podcast. If you haven’t listened to their podcast on all things self publishing, IMMEDIATELY go subscribe on iTunes. It’s crammed full of all sorts of essential information about writing and marketing books.

And if you haven’t done so already, you can grab some great great information from this talented bunch by signing up on their website: Facebook Advertising for Authors

Anyhoo…here’s the story. Enjoy!

Get the full story here: SPF-032: Elicia Hyder: An Inspirational Self Publishing Success Story

SPF-032: Elicia Hyder: An Inspirational Self Publishing Success Story

Self publishing success stories are becoming more and more common. The opportunity to write and benefit from your books is now very real. During their recent trip to the United States for the NINC conference, Mark and James were able to meet a number of SPF students, one of whom was Elicia Hyder. She is one of the many people who has not only replaced their normal income through self publishing, but exceeded it. This delightful conversation was recorded poolside at the hotel where the NINC conference was hosted, and will serve as a shot in the arm for anyone who’s willing to work hard for their self publishing success. You can do it! Read More

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