Create Beautiful eBooks AND Paperbacks in seconds! – Vellum 2.0

I’ve been using Vellum for about a year now to format eBooks and I love it! In a matter of clicks, it formats my work for each distributor: Apple, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc. Each output file is created with specific links to the user’s store. So, Apple links go to Apple, Kindle links go to Kindle, and so on. It’s amazing. And the files are beautiful. See?

It also works with Box Sets and Anthologies. (Pro Tip: Set them up as “Volumes” in Vellum.)

This week, they launched Vellum 2.0. It now formats paperbacks as well!

Cue the angels…

Paperback formatting (in the past) has been enough stress to drive me to drink. Struggling with margins, trim size, headers, footers… I’ve spent precious hours and hours of my life changing the settings, compiling the document, checking the document, changing the settings again, compiling the document…OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


And now, it’s as easy as 1…2…3.

Here’s the final product:

You can use Vellum to create the inner PDF files that are ready to be uploaded to Createspace or Ingram (or wherever else you have your paperbacks printed.)

The whole process from start (importing the book in Word format) to finish (having all the completed files, print included), takes about ten minutes. If only the rest of the world worked as effortlessly as Vellum. *sigh*

Have YOU tried it yet???

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