How to Drive SALES with your Author Website

Is your author website actually generating direct sales?? Or, like most authors, is it just a digital billboard you have splashed across your business cards and in the front matter of your book?

If you didn’t already know this about me, before I was a published author, I was in web marketing for 13 years. I built lots of websites. (And I don’t do it anymore, so don’t ask! LOL) So as you can imagine, I’m all over trying to find the best new ways to market books via the web.

Here are a few facts for you to consider:

  • Less than 2% of your website visitors will ever purchase from the links on your site.
  • Posting BUY MY BOOK links on Facebook and Twitter DOES NOT WORK.
  • My highest ROI (return on investment) comes from ads that direct readers to my website, not to Amazon or other retailers.

Well, my colleague Wilco de Kreij has been in the business as long as I have, but he takes web marketing even more seriously than I do…I have to write novels sometime, you know?

He’s launched a free 3-part video series today on how to find that 98% who didn’t buy your book and then how to effectively market to them. He’s even included a free template for his best EVER converting retargeting ad, that you can use yourself WITHOUT paying for designers or graphics. (That alone is worth the 3 minutes to watch the video. I’m setting mine up today!)

Again, there’s no cost to see the video and nothing for sale.

What do you have to lose? Besides 98% of your audience. 😉

>> Check Out The Video Now!

Once you’re registered for the 1st video, you’ll automatically be notified when the next part of the series is ready.


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