BIG NEWS: Instafreebie & MailerLite Integration

A few months ago, I wrote an article about Instafreebie. I’m still using Instafreebie and have loved teaming up with other authors in the fantasy and mystery genres to co-promote our titles together. I’ve reached tens of thousands of new readers for pennies each!

Today, I’m back with an exciting update.

Around the same time I started using Instafreebie, I switched email providers. I moved from Mailchimp to MailerLite, a similar product for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, Mailchimp was the only email provider that integrated with Instafreebie, so all these months, I’ve maintained an account at the ‘Chimp to automate my messages for my Instafreebie peeps.

Well…guess what??

Instafreebie now integrates with MailerLite! Woohooooooooo!

Excuse me while I…

What’s so important about integration?

Time is money, people. But I’ll spell out the importance:

  • Subscribers are automatically added to my subscriber list. This cuts down on time and the chance of user error.
  • Automated welcome email. When someone signs up for my Instafreebie book, I want to send them an immediate “hello” message. This is employing the “strike while the iron is hot” philosophy. You want to make your first contact with your reader when your book cover and description are fresh in their minds. This will drive you bonkers if you try to manually import. (I talk about this more in my post about Facebook ads.)
  • Automated Workflows. After your subscriber receives their welcome message, Mailerlite will send them a series of emails telling them more about you and what you write. (You have to set this up, of course. It’s easy. Don’t fret.) I generally send 1-3 emails over a few weeks. At the end of the series, I add them to my regular newsletter list.

It gets even better…

To solidify the pairing, Mailerlite is offering 30% off all MailerLite subscription plans to all paying members of both services! I’m not sure how long the deal will last, so don’t waste time. Sign up now.

The discount will be applied to new and existing subscription plans after integration with an Instafreebie account. Users who have recently upgraded or renewed an annual MailerLite subscription should contact Mailerlite directly after integrating. Subscriptions that are upgraded or renewed after 5/29/17 will have the discount added automatically at MailerLite checkout.


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